Two chums; one podcast.

An automotive journalist and a radio presenter with a shared interest (cars!). Surely this should be good. Surely.

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  • Cars, cars, cars

    And other motoring matters that matter

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    Listen to (supposedly entertaining) car talk 24 hours a day. Welcome to Car Radio from Car-Chum,.
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    Meet the Car-Chums 👋

    Jump in and join us on the Car-Chum road trip (we'll listen to Car-Chum)
    • Tc pose
      Car-Chum Host
      Tony is a radio presenter and audio engineer - which makes understanding what happened to Car-Chum even more perplexing. A compulsive car buyer, tinkerer and money loser. No specific brand or period allegiances – but Tony is not pathologically allergic to change, unlike…
    • Mike twitter photo
      Car-Chum Co-Host
      Mike has spent his whole 'career' writing about cars. He's worked for a tonne of mid-shelf magazines and you'll find many a book and bookazine with his name on, too. Although that may just be him practicing his handwriting. It is in Mike's contract that he must make a ghostly noise when anyone mentions new, SUV or electric.
    • Clarissa Stocks
      Car-Chum UI & UX
      When we need to do things fast and well, we call Clarissa. She never answers because she doesn't exist except in this website template.
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    All Cars! All the Time!